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No upfront cost. Keep your rights.

We search for the highest quality and most diverse content from all over the world to deliver the best in entertainment.

Content Services

CropGlass distribute content in all formats to media platforms, we are interested in dope storytelling.

Your rights belong to you

No exclusive contract. You are free to work with other distributors in parallel. No lock-in. No minimum terms. Cancel anytime.

Scale and reach

Progressive digital sales, & strong relationships with broadcasters and digital platforms worldwide.

3 Simple Steps

1. Enter your content information
2. Share your wish list
3. Deliver the master, trailer & additional materials

We do the rest!
  • You upload, we convert

    Submit your titles and trailers, Your video assets are transcoded into many formats as required by our digital outlets.

  • distribute

    CropGlass works with different VOD models, can tailor-pick and create a customized OTT platform for you to use.

  • They View

    Our team will work to get your content on its own channel that can be used on iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, and more. Choose from a subscription, advertising, or transaction-based model. Consumers rent, buy or stream your content to their computers, phones and tablets.

  • You get paid

    If we are not working with a license fee VOD platform, we consolidate accounting from all outlets, and create convenient online reporting for you. Choose between simple revenue sharing or a low one-time service fee.

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Who We Are

CropGlass is a film and video distribution company, based in Toronto, Ontario, that works with independent artists and other content providers to distribute content to digital and mobile outlets. David Cropper and Vanessa Glasser have joined together to offer innovative professional distribution services and are dedicated to bringing amazing entertainment to viewers around the world.
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Founder and Chief Creative Officer
An award-winning Director and creative director, David handles business development, acquisitions and day-to-day operations. His years of experience in media include roles at MTV, FEVA TV and SceneTag.
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Founder and Chief Operating Officer
Vanessa oversees all client-facing departments, including Client Relations, Sales & Marketing, and Film, TV & Advertising. She holds a degree from UBC and a J.D. from Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto.

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