The services provided by CropGlass include creative, marketing, distribution and business development services provided by professionals long tenured in the Entertainment Industry with a wealth of experience and contacts to support your brand.


  • Television production and content creation
  • Channel Branding and website creation
  • HD Pre and Post production
  • Show pitch, layout and creation
  • Programming and scheduling consultation


  • Creating Marketing Collateral around show properties
  • Packaging shows to sell as commodities for advertisers and sponsors
  • Representation of the channel and brand at major events and vendor conferences
  • Market Research analysis in island markets and diasporas


  • Distribution planning strategy with marketplace research and strategic
  • placement goals
  • Analysis and modeling of cable subscription platform

Business Development

  • Create Sponsorship opportunities for advertisers
  • Create surveys and feedback vehicles for viewers
  • Manage channel promotion through viewer website, including all social media handles feedback
  • Link with strategic